HUGE LEGO Ralph McQuarrie Concept Battlestar by Garry King

Lego master builder Garry King once again blows me away with this amazing build of the McQuarrie Battlestar! I am completely amazed at this skill! Not to mention his placing them in beautiful composite scenes! Garry even included some extra scenes for us all! FANTASTIC!!

galactica and milky way 017

The Ralph McQuarrie Concept with a touch of
an over artistic license.


I will say for now this is the final installment
of my tribute series of the magnificent mind and artistry of Mr McQuarrie’s visionary
concept for the models for the greatest tv sci-fi series, Battlestar Galactica.


Now the Galactica has been built in a
similar style to his design. “Ok I did try even if it is not close”. Emulating
his design was to say hard in many ways and a lot of fun giving me challenge
after challenge. Where I was unable to replicate his concept. I attempted to make
it look the part. In the 3 images I found on-line they varied in style, shape
and perspective. So I compromised.


The engines have a simple looking style,
straight lines and nothing overly difficult in construction. So it seemed,
never the less I had three attempts to get it to look right.


The head of the craft is of similar design
to the filmed model but is not as stream lined as the images I found. I felt it had to be strong and bulky to
support itself. I was right !. Placing a
slightly arched strap form stem to stern gave it some strength to the model
allowed to be mostly self-supported.


The overall appearance is happily
influenced by my need for detail. The massive landing bays attached to the main
hull are very heavy.


When I flipped the beast over as carefully
as I could, the landing bays decided to pull the top hull off. I had to re-build it before taking more
photos. The landing bays on this model do not have the advantage of a lower
side corridor attaching the bays to the underside main hull.


happened to my Valkyrie just before “KAPLOWIE “!!!!!. Not to worry they are short lived models anyway,
I require the space and blocks for the next build.


With this model I have placed 120 high
yield canons all around the hull, top, bottom, both sides, on the landing bays,
main engines.


66 low yield canons everywhere else.


dimensions of the Battlestar are as follows


LENGTH … 1920mm, 75.50 inches, 240 studs


WIDTH … 730mm, 28.74 inches, 93 studs X


HEIGHT … 265mm, 10.43
inches, 34 studs.


WEIGHT … 22.574
kilograms, 49.77 pounds


Dare I say 19,958 elements.


Currently this build is on the bench in my way while I am constructing
my next large build.


I may dismantle the Battlestar over the next few weeks between times
of editing all the images I like.


The Baseship that appeared in Razor when Will Adama
was having his flash backs is a very tempting model to build, as I am giving
the Cylons a fair go this is a must to build. The other amazing looking
Baseship appears in Blood and Chrome. This is also a MUST to try and
build. When ???? WHO KNOWS. As it stands
when I get the inspiration and time, it won’t be too long wait.


Well as a foot note to all of the above, my dog
decided that the model was in his way and kindly pushed this wagon over, apart
from scaring the ???? out of himself and running off!!! it made me jump a little, then I had to make
sure my boy was alright and then dismantle the remains. I hope you had a good
laugh, I certainly did.



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