HUGE!! 26 Inch INTERCEPTOR from U.F.O. by Simon Rush

I have the great honor of introducing U.K. artist Simon Rush to our Gallery! Showing first is this magnificent and large model of the Interceptor! This brings back so many memories! I love this piece! I am looking forward to showing more of Simon’s works here on Modeler Magic!

I’m sure the Interceptor from U.F.O. needs no introduction! I did this one for a private client about 15 years ago, but it was the only one of the Sci-Fi jobs that ever got photographed properly before disappearing off to the customer. Hence my decision to send Modeler Magic this one first, it’s also one of my all-time favourites!


It’s 26” long, or studio scale, with the main body done in fiberglass like the originals. The rest was made from all the usual suspects of plastic, metal, resin, modelboard etc. The pilot is a modified Sea Quest Playmates toy, with a new flight suit sculpted from epoxy putty.

I must admit it’s very tempting to dig out the drawings and do another one, but I’ve just starting a 2’ A6 Juggernaut from ROTS, so maybe next time……


Anyway, I hope you like it?!!


Kind regards,


Simon Rush










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