Help Needed Identifying NCC-1701A Professionally Built Model

A fellow hobbyist contacted me recently to see if the viewers of Modeler Magic could help him find the artist of this Enterprise Refit build that he purchased at a Garage Sale! Let’s see if we can ID the artist! If not that, then he needs a professional artist to repair the beastie build! I know many of you have the talents to step up!

I am currently a technology and computer teacher for a Unified School District after working in the aerospace/defense industry for 30+ years. I need help with identifying a professionally built model of NCC-1701A that I recently purchased at a antique/collectable store in Reno, NV. I would also like to get some professional advice on how/where to get it repaired (if possible). It appears to be constructed using balsa with a foam core. The disc measures 16″ in diameter and it’s approximately 36″ LOA. The control box/base measures 3″ x 6″ x 8″ and is set up for a 12v transformer plus has a 9v battery mount (powers blue outrigger lighting). There is a lever switch that controls the blue lights on the outriggers and a button that so far I haven’t figured out. The navigational lights blink (one not working on aft starboard outrigger) and it has internal lights as well. Any info or recommendations you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Please see the attached photos.
Sincerest regards,
Steven G. Johnson
Major, FA, US Army (ret)
aka majorjunque

Enterprise 1

Enterprise 6

Enterprise 2

Enterprise 3

Enterprise 3

Enterprise 4

Enterprise 5

Steven G. Johnson

Major, FA, US Army (ret)

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