HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Thank you 2012 / Welcoming 2013!!


Artist Tobias Richter from the Light Works sent me this custom greeting above where he utilized a background found online, and added his JJ Enterpise digital build to make it even more fantastic! We simply added the dates…. and now we have the Holiday wish we were looking for!

I wish to thank each and every one of you for your participation and viewership of Modeler Magic! You continue to inspire artists and aspiring artists all over the world! This Gallery site truly is made by you artists… for aspiring artists, future artists and fans alike! You are doing great service to your fellow colleagues whom learn from their viewership.  Modeler Magic will continue to host your wonderful works and offerings for as long as you continue to show them.. and allow us to do so for you.

Thank you all! Our future is bright…. and we are all in it!

Blessings & Happy Holidays!

Kurt Kuhn

Kuhn Global Incorporated

Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic

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