KIT ALERT! “V” 1980’s TV Series Visitor Skyfighter STUDIO SCALE Kit from E. James Small



Studio Scale KIT

Visitor Skyfighter

$235 CDN

Plus Shipping

This is a studio scale model KIT of the Skyfighter as seen in the “V” TV series from the early 1980’s.

Note that you are bidding on an un-assembled kit. The pictures show a finished one I made years ago. Your kit will build the model exactly as shown. You can also build it with the landing gear doors closed so it can appear as if “in flight”

This kit’s main body is a hollow resin casting based on molds taken from an actual screen-used visual effects miniature, so the shape of the body is therefore 100% accurate to the models used on the TV show!

Meant for experienced builders, this particular kit is also the only one ever made that comes with the complete and accurate landing gear set and wing laser guns as shown in the picture which I mastered myself based on extensive research of the original miniatures and full sized props. The leg struts have a 1/4″ diameter aluminum solid rod embedded into them for added strength. The legs will never sag over time. Model is approximately 16″ long when completed.

Special note: This is not a mass produced item! I made a handful of these for some fans and friends who requested them, this is a leftover one, so this is your chance to own one of these very exclusive models!

Below is a link to the instruction sheet which you should save and print out, the top 1/3rd which shows exactly what is included in the kit.

Shipping will be actual cost from B6L 5G6 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Shipping box measures 31cm x 30 cm x 23 cm. It weighs 2.7 Kg.

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