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  • Brand New Model Replica of the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 Refit as seen in The Motion Picture
  • Videos available: Search for “cdystarships” on You-Tube and you will find both a slide show and a video showing the lighting system in action. Or, use copy these links into your browser:
  • Slideshow:
  • Video of lighting kit:
  • Shuttle Bay Landing Lights:
  • Professionally assembled and lighted. Includes display base and power adapter.
  • Full lighting system featuring screen-correct blinking strobe lights, flashing navigation lights, special sequential shuttle bay landing lights and two modes, “Impluse” mode and “Warp mode”. Other windows and features are lighted as well.
  • Warp Mode: Most lighting features ON, Violet Warp Engines ON, Floodlights OFF, Impulse engines RED and Deflector Dish BLUE
  • Impulse Mode: Most lighting features ON, Violet Warp Engines OFF, Floodlights ON, Impluse engines AMBER and Deflector Dish AMBER
  • Features extensive flood lighting or “beauty lighting” including lighted main registry and secondary registry and well as other lighted areas.
  • Beautiful painted details and intricate and accurate aztec pattern over entire ship. Accurate painting scheme base on the screen-correct graphics used for the updated director’s cut of the motion picture.
  • Ultra-detailed Special Features including: Shuttle Bay, Arboretum, VIP lounge and seldom seen REC Deck and Open Space Walk doors. All features are lighted and include multiple crewmen.
  • Many brass Photo-etch parts included. These are special metal parts for fine detailing that replace or supplement the plastic parts included in the kit.
  • Base includes power switch and switch for selecting modes.
  • Currently being built!!... You don’t have to wait months or years!
  • This will be the most recent build of this replica to become the yet another happy buyer.

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Here are a few of Collen’s client feedbacks…

Hello Collen/

I wanted to thank you for a fantastic experience I had with you, from start to finish, on the purchase of my 1/350 Refit Enterprise from STAR TREK: The Motion Picture.

Thank you!

From the grey and tan uniforms to the docked and lit shuttle pod on the dorsal….every little detail I requested was there and with superior modeling technique and painting skills. You blew me away with the hand applied Aztec pattern using pearlescent paints, stunning and different in different room lighting. Speaking of lighting…..WOW this model is sensory overload when in impulse mode! You even managed the difficult flood lighting on the nacelle registry and federation hull insignia! Amazing! The space walk, arboretum, crew recreation deck and, most off all, the hanger, are simply stunning in the neatness and fine detail.

Again, the entire experience working with you, from ironing out small detail requests to every little question I had you were kind professional and always available.

I questioned myself in spending this kind of money but after the experience…There Is No Comparison (ST:TMP tag line)….I would do it again.

I understand you may use pictures of my refit on your website and I will be one proud customer if you do!

Thanks again for everything Collen and!

The Human Adventure Is Just Beginning…..

John M
October 2013

-11 Select Processed 7

“Hello Collen,

I received the model on Friday and it is in perfect condition. I just wanted to thank you for a job beautifully done. The Aztec pattern work on the model is flawless. I know how time consuming and challenging it can be to finish this model.

Overall a very professional work as expected.” – Mehryar, 2-26-2013 (CDYNCC1701PLR-10)


“You are very talented and you did an excellent job spending uncountable hours creating a marvelous replica. You are one of the best modelers out there. Highly recommended. A++” – Tony, L.A. California 9-16-2012 (CDYNCC1701PLR-8)

“Well Done, it’s Beautiful, a true work of art and a tribute to fine craftsmanship. Thank you for building such a fine ship. It was a excellent example of a well coordinated group effort, and that’s something to very proud of.” – Mark, N.Y., N.Y USA 10-25-2012 (CDYNCC1701PLR-9)













































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