SOLD! TMP Enterprise Refit – “Build 10” by Collen D. Young




Star Trek

The Motion Picture

Enterprise Refit




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The first 9 builds SOLD quickly!

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  • Brand New Model Replica of the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 Refit as seen in The Motion Picture
  • Videos available: Search for “cdystarships” on You-Tube and you will find both a slide show and a video showing the lighting system in action. Or, use copy these links into your browser:
  • Slideshow:
  • Video of lighting kit:
  • Shuttle Bay Landing Lights:
  • Professionally assembled and lighted. Includes display base and power adapter.
  • Full lighting system featuring screen-correct blinking strobe lights, flashing navigation lights, special sequential shuttle bay landing lights and two modes, “Impluse” mode and “Warp mode”. Other windows and features are lighted as well.
  • Warp Mode: Most lighting features ON, Violet Warp Engines ON, Floodlights OFF, Impulse engines RED and Deflector Dish BLUE
  • Impulse Mode: Most lighting features ON, Violet Warp Engines OFF, Floodlights ON, Impluse engines AMBER and Deflector Dish AMBER
  • Features extensive flood lighting or “beauty lighting” including lighted main registry and secondary registry and well as other lighted areas.
  • Beautiful painted details and intricate and accurate aztec pattern over entire ship. Accurate painting scheme base on the screen-correct graphics used for the updated director’s cut of the motion picture.
  • Ultra-detailed Special Features including: Shuttle Bay, Arboretum, VIP lounge and seldom seen REC Deck and Open Space Walk doors. All features are lighted and include multiple crewmen.
  • Many brass Photo-etch parts included. These are special metal parts for fine detailing that replace or supplement the plastic parts included in the kit.
  • Base includes power switch and switch for selecting modes.
  • Currently being built!!... You don’t have to wait months or years!
  • This will be the eighth build of this replica to become the yet another happy buyer.

To contact this artist direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.


Here are a few of Collen’s client feedbacks…

“You are very talented and you did an excellent job spending uncountable hours creating a marvelous replica. You are one of the best modelers out there. Highly recommended. A++” – Tony, L.A. California 9-16-2012 (CDYNCC1701PLR-8)

“Well Done, it’s Beautiful, a true work of art and a tribute to fine craftsmanship. Thank you for building such a fine ship. It was a excellent example of a well coordinated group effort, and that’s something to very proud of.” – Mark, N.Y., N.Y USA 10-25-2012 (CDYNCC1701PLR-9)
















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