SOLD!! Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home BIRD OF PREY from Steve Carricato


Star Trek IV

The Voyage Home
Klingon Bird of Prey

$1,100 U.S.D.

Plus $49.95 Shipping & Handling

DY-100b DSV 059

This Klingon BOP has its landing gear down, landing lights, the red Photon Torpedo glow, and the wings fully up in landing position! No sound effects. I used Evans Lighting Kit on this one and I added Fiber Optics and a few more LEDs for the landing gear bays! It stands proudly on its own! I am in WIP on building a base, however this one will be from STAR TREK IV – The Voyage Home. I also am going to add the HMS BOUNTY ON THE port side just like the Movie Version! Maybe even some red Vulcan landscape! When I am finished with the Base I am going to sell it for $1100.00+ SH $49.95 Hope you like it? Steven Carricato SCMs

DY-100b DSV 070

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Steve Carricato



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