SOLD!! Round2 1/350 Enterprise 1701 built by Unique Model Creations by Jeff Gaskin


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TOS Enterprise 1701




“Here is a unique version of the Round2 1/350 Star Trek Enterprise 1701 from The Original Series built by Unique Model Creations by Jeff Gaskin. On building this piece, I wanted to see the ship styled with a different look, including the overall paint color. The shuttle bay, complete with a lit shuttle craft, boasts a completely different paint scheme, designed to reflect a more cool-toned hardware decor, including yellow dashed lines around the floor perimeter, as well as additional runway lines. Everything in the shuttle bay was painted (no decals), except for the ‘NCC-1701’ on the back wall.

The nacelles are also a treat, as several parts have been custom made for the ship. The bussard collectors sport a different color flashing, utilizing RGB LEDs which give the illusion of spinning even when the spinning cages are not activated. The warp grilles are fabricated with the use of stock model kit parts, and added clear parts hand-cut to fit to add a soft glow down the nacelles. The end-caps on this model have been custom made by me (no other parts exist like these to my knowledge) to replace the stock end-caps that come with the model kit. The only utilized parts from the original end-caps are the white domes located on the ends to give a small throw-back to the original look, even when lit. The nacelle pylons are also unique in that the windows on this build are lit, despite the kit not having been constructed to do so. Now, every window on the model is lit.

The overall color scheme of the ship utilizes cool tones with blues and grays dominating, as well as some chrome accent color variations utilized, most notably on the pylons and the forward pylon/dorsal accent colors. There are also slight color shifts in the hull color depending on the lighting.

This is a fantastic, and unique, build of this kit. Also, I am offering model-building services for anyone who would like a model kit built by me, including the famed TOS USS Enterprise. For inquiries about this model, or about having a kit built, please click the ‘Contact Artist’ link below.

Thanks, Jeff”

Jeff Gaskin

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