SOLD!! Moebius Models 1/24 ‘Lost in Space’ Space Pod built by Garret Parsons


Lost in Space

Space Pod

$1,000 U.S.

Plus Shipping

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I decided to paint this kit with extreme weathering. My thought is that this spaceship entered my planets with extreme conditions and with little resources to cleanup or fix things unless it was absolutely necessary. I painted the model with automotive paint so the paint would be hard. Then I scratched the paint and dry brushed dirt and crime around the edges. I decided to leave the clear windows in the front out. There was to many reflections from them and the clear window parts obstructed the details inside. This is a trick that they do on the studio models.

I work in private sales only and treat my model company building like art work. I spent hours on the paint job and work closely with the buyer. Any electrical work is subcontracted out so that it is top notch. I love the building process and spend many hours also researching and sometimes flying down to the studios to take pictures of the actually models. If there is one.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Garret Parsons









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