SOLD! HUGE, 1:350 Star Trek TMP Enterprise 1701 Refit by Thomas Johnson


1:350 (34 Inches!!)

Star Trek The Motion Picture

USS Enterprise 1701 Refit


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This is a very large 1/350 scale replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 as she was seen in the Star Trek Movies 1-3. It is 34 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 15 inches tall on its stand. If you own one of the Master Replicas 1/350 Classic TOS Enterprise models, this model would be a perfect companion piece, as it is in the same scale. This model is painted to match the 8 foot long filming miniature as closely as possible. It features the intricate Aztec pattern, just like on the filming model that was sold at the Christies Auction in 2006. The photos of the filming model were used as reference in creating this model, and the result is a near perfect match.

It has a highly detailed Botanical Garden (complete with realistic trees, grass, and cobble stone walking paths, not just molded plastic lumps), Officers Mess (Complete with back-lit display screen), and Hanger bay (fully detailed with photo etch brass parts and crewmen). You can look through the windows to see inside these areas, where there are people standing (my camera won’t focus through the windows) and through the removable Hanger Bay doors to see inside the detailed Landing Bay, which has shuttles inside.

This model is fully illuminated, and features some advanced lighting effects. The deflector dish and engines all have fading up and down effects depending on what mode the ship is in, instead of instant on and instant off effects like most models have. Also the photon torpedoes have power up and bright firing flash effects. There are 4 switches on the back of the display stand (2 slide switches, and 2 push button momentary contact switches), in addition to the 12 volt power jack port.

The first slide switch (going from left to right) turns on the ships hotel load (windows, internal lighting) and powers up the main electronics control board. The second slide switch powers up all of the ships external flood lights which brightly illuminate the outer hull, and also activates the running and NAV strobe lights. The black knob contact button controls the ships flight mode. 1st press of this button powers up the navigational deflector dish to its low power stand-by copper color. The second press of the button will fade the deflector form copper to cyan, and power up the impulse engines and the deflection crystal and put the ship in sub-light impulse travel mode (the deflection crystal glows red in impulse mode, a detail seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, that most people miss). The 3rd press of this button transitions the ship into warp travel mode. The impulse engines power (fade) down to off, the deflection crystal fades from red to blue, and at the same time, the warp engines fade on from dark, to full power warp mode. The next 3 button pushes are simply the reverse of the same sequence. The red contact button alternates the port and starboard firing effects of the photon torpedo tubes. Each tube will power (fade) up from dark to red, then pulse flash bright white as the torpedo fires, then dim down again to off.

These pictures were taken with my 2 mega pixel camera phone, so the lighted images may not be in perfect focus.

Asking price for this model is $3000.00 United States Dollars, plus packing and shipping to your location. All packing and shipping will be handled by the professionals at the UPS Store, and insurance is of course mandatory. I accept Paypal, and U.S. Postal Money Orders. Paypal is preferred for security reasons.

If interested please contact me at both of the following e-mail address’s by clicking on either of them.

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