SOLD!! 20 Inch U.S.S. Voyager from Garret Parsons


Star Trek

U.S.S. Voyager

$5,000 U.S.

Plus Shipping

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This kit was built ten years ago for a now defunct Modeling website. The instructions were to take the stock kit and actualize it like the studio model and document it for their site. The photos were their property, but the model was mine. The kit out of the box wasn’t bad, but not accurate. I had to decide what was worth changing and what wasn’t. The basic shapes were off but not enough to change. Lifeboats were added and the forward window was enlarged as was the two side bridge windows. I spent hundreds of hours adding tiny slats to the phaser strips to correct them. After reviewing the color instructions of the model it became apparent they were way off. I decided this was where I was going to focus all my efforts (paining is my thing since I had been an illustration artist) and paint the model not like you see it on the TV screen but paint it like they painted the studio model. The problem was I had no photos of the studio model and there were no pictures on the Web at the time of the model. So I contacted Rick Sternbach from Paramount Studio’s. Rich was the art director for the Star Trek Franchise at the time. He actually went to the studio were the model was and took pictures for me and sent me email with color chips to show me what the color actually was. He used a system called the Pantone Matching system. So the colors you see on this model are very accurate. This is the reason for the price of the kit since it is the only one like it.

I work in private sales only and treat my model company building like art work. I spent hours on the paint job and work closely with the buyer. Any electrical work is subcontracted out so that it is top notch. I love the building process and spend many hours researching, and sometimes flying down to the studios to take pictures of the actually models.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Garret Parsons








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