Enterprise 1701-C by LEDCCFL

Artist LEDCCFL has returned with this magnificently lit Enterprise C! I love to view Starships builds lit up! It gives them the amazing scale illusion they require! A fantastic piece!

Picture 155_edited-sized

This Amt/Ertl USS Enterprise 1701-C was started in the first week of Dec. 2007 and finished the first week of Apr. 2008. The Paint Scheme was inspired by the filming model itself from the Christy’s Auction photo. There are:

  • Over 75 LED’s and 2 CCFL’s.
  • Flashers and Hybrid Flashers next to the neck hull with stationary lights and at the rear shuttle bay door.
  • Strobe just behind bridge area.
  • Four individual switches on the side of the base. 1st: Flashers and Strobe. 2nd: Main Power L.E.D.’s. 3rd: Blue CCFL’s in Nacelle’s. 4th: Green Base Lighting.

Painstakingly Hand Painted. It plugs right into the wall with no batteries needed. I basically am interested in most of the Enterprise builds.


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