Cylon Raider by Chris Knox

Another fine artist has come forward to show his works on this Gallery site…. Chris Knox! Showing first is his beautiful build of the Revell/Monogram Cylon Raider! A beautiful job indeed!

This is the Revell/Monogram kit which was reissued 15-16 years ago. The kit did not include any manufacturer’s improvements and was lacking in engine details. I removed the raised panel lines and re-scribed. I designed a new engine insert and vanes in Google
SketchUp, to scale, and used the printouts to fabricate the new parts. The kit’s fit wasn’t too bad for 30+ year old molds but did require work. I spent a significant amount of time rebuilding areas where the fit was very poor. I also added LED engine lighting (two $1.00 LED flashlights from the hardware store fit perfectly).

The base is a custom design (Google SketchUp again). I machined the legs from aluminum plate and attached with allen head screws to a hardwood stand. I read that the Revell/Monogram kit was used in an episode of Battlestar Galactica. This rings true since the ships halves were already molded to accept the brass tube insert – perfectly!

In progress shots can be viewed here:

Chris Knox


Chris Knox

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