CONCEPT “Angel” Fighter scratch designed by Hank William Rozema

I am honored to introduce another great artist to our Gallery…. famed movie modeler, prop maker and miniaturist Hank William Rozema! Fresh from working on the German Science Fiction Blockbuster Film NYDENION, this beautiful creation was thought of during Hank’s time working on that film. The lines of this design are flat out sexy, and the fighter has an “anime’ ” look about it. This model look like it would go extremely fast if it were real. A most impressive design from a world noted artist. I am looking forward to showing more of Hank’s works.

Here is what Hank has to say…

The concept is the first hybrid jet fighter, nickname “Angel fighter”. And no, it is not the Gerry Anderson one. I came up with the idea some time ago, during filming Nydenion. The wing construction is what make’s it unique. I will use the fighter version for my own movie project but as a background model. More news on that soon enough.

Kind regards,

Hank Rozema

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