COMING SOON! Physical 1:16 Viper MKII – from the Digital Model by Tony Celliers

Digital Artist Tony Celliers is currently working on this digital model in order that it be printed out to become a 1:16 physical model! STUNNING WORK!! This is exciting! Stay Tuned to Modeler Magic for MORE information!

PS6 - Titled

“I have recently completed the Viper MKII for my client and this will be printed into a model that will be 1/16 scale (52 cm)
There are 2 sets of renders, the first is the model assembled, including Orthographic views.
The second are renders of the model split like it will be before assembly, both are in basic shades to compliment the render and don’t have any decals or red stripes.
This model is based on the Husker version flown by Adama during the Cylon war, I used the studio full size mock up as reference, so this model has more detail than any other model on the market, it also includes the seat ejection cylinders. There will be a Starbuck version available with the difference being the cockpit, I will send renders once complete.There will also be an option for landing gear up or down.
This model was made using Modo 601.
Cheers and keep well.”



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