COMING SOON! 1:850 (29 Inch) Enterprise 1701-D from QMX

With the cancellation of the DeAgostini kit that Rick Sternbach himself was working on, it was a huge blow to the ‘expecting’ collectors and builders alike! I still believe it to be a huge mis-decision by DeAgostini. Shortly after the cancellation, Rick decided to begin building his one and only copy in order to possibly place it for sale. I am not certain if he actually finished that model to be able to sell it. I don’t even know if these two pieces are connected other than by design! However, with what was shown at this years Comic Con by QMX.. it appears that they have come to the collector’s rescue of this piece by showing their future offering… in that large scale! Outstanding!! I wish to thank all who backed this decision to make this project available to the public! Thank you QMX!! The photos you see here were utilized from online photo content taken at 2012 Comic Con of their display.




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