COMING JULY 2012! 41 Inch Blockade Runner – a WIP by Chris Kelley

It’s coming closer and closer…. the release date of this amazing Chris Kelley Kit!! This Blockade Runner kit will have two different spine’s to represent either the ROTJ gunship version… or the original ANH version that we first saw being chased by Vader’s Devastator Star Destroyer! Chris has thought of everything in creating this ‘high-end’ kit. I have decided to order two for the Gallery in order that we can represent both versions in this size. Heck… maybe we can even order three to also be done as the first time-line version of this ship as seen in Episode 3, when Obiwan takes Padme Amidala to give birth of the twins, Luke and Leia, aboard Senator Organa’s Tantive IV… which we would later see as our worn out Blockade Runner. In any case… look for this kit release to be sometime in late July 2012, or shortly thereafter!

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TantiveIV 108

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TantiveIV 119

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