CG X-Wing by Borderline Reality’s John Howley

I have the great pleasure of introducing Borderline Reality to this Gallery. Artist John Howley began making this X-wing mostly by memory of what he saw in Star Wars. Today, after receiving the actual filming model photos from Modeler Magic, and the full sized prop, he is going to make a second X-Wing that will be an idealized version of what we all viewed. I am looking forward to viewing more from the artists at Borderline Reality!


Today you’ll find 6 images of the X-wing model I made last year. I should probably point out that NOTHING on the Star Wars models I reproduce is of my creation. Everything on these models can be seen on the models used in the movies. The X-wing held a bit of a problem with that as I could never find an image of the back of the models used in the films. And the few that I did find had the pole inserted into the back for the studio hands to make them appear as if they were flying in the film. I was going to give up on ever finishing this model until I watched the Empire Strikes Back one day and noticed in the Hoth base Han and Leia were in the hangar bay arguing at the back of the full scale X-wing that was built on the set there. So by using that as reference I was able to finish the back.

John Howley

To view more creations, visit Borderline Reality by clicking their banner link below…








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