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War of the Worlds Martian Tripod – Digital Model by Tony Celliers

I am a HUGE fan of the War of the Worlds Story...

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Pegasus Classic Martian from “War of the Worlds” by Jeff Pollizzotto

Another beautiful piece from Jeff Pollizzotto! Check out what he has to say about it!

This is the new Pegasus Martian kit from the classic George Pal “War of the Worlds”...

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Spielberg’s: WAR of the Worlds ALIEN scultped by Jordu Schell

I love the Steve Spielberg re-make of War of the Worlds! I loved the original movie, and the original radio broadcast that literally sent people into a panic not know it wasn’t real! Master artist Jor...

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Martian War Machine & Tri-Pod Attack Diorama by Michael Bilbrey

I have the honor of introducing another great artist to this Gallery…...

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War of the Worlds TRIPOD built by Sean Brannin

You have been running all night… hearing the screams of those you once knew…. now only a memory. Around every corner,… around every building…...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! WOTW Tripod Martian War Machine Kit by Randy Cooper Models

Words direct from Randy himself…

Cast in resin, includes base, plaque and support rod.
Finished kit is 24″ tall.


To Order, send an email to ( with your reques...

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