Martian War Machine & Tri-Pod Attack Diorama by Michael Bilbrey

I have the honor of introducing another great artist to this Gallery…. Michael Bilbrey! When I first saw this diorama of his…using BOTH the Martian War Machine AND the Tri-Pod for this memorable scene…. I thought it genius! It is the first I have seen using the menacing vehicles from two different telling’s of the classic tale…. and it works! Together they make an even better scene that many of the same together! Then there is the finish of this piece that talented artist Michael Bilbrey did such an outstanding job with! Even the soldiers have that fearful look as they glance around the corner at their brother who had just been snatched up by one of the automated arms! The brick church building is captured perfectly with it’s destruction. A very telling scene in this diorama from Michael Bilbrey!

Here are a few words from artist Michael Bilbrey…

The models used for the diorama are: Pegasus copper plated Martian War Machine in 1/48th scale, FX lighting kit, Tri-pod by Revisesco, church ruins by Verlinden, 1/48th scale soldiers by Tamiya and Woodlawn wood scenes kit. The wiring from the M.W.M. and  the probe eye runs through the tubing which acts as the support for the ship, and connects to the power source concealed under the world base which came with the kit and is all build onto a 16″X16″ piece of plywood.

Michael Bilbrey

M.lW.M. and Tri-pod 005

To contact Michael Bilbrey for his services, please click  HERE!

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