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Stargate SG1 Anubis Mask – Digital Sculpt by Tony Celliers

This is outstanding! This is an artist we have not shown for some time…. Welcome back and Great job Tony!

“Here is my latest 3D model, Base mesh completed in Modo and final detail sculpt in Zbrush.

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COMING SOON! Physical 1:16 Viper MKII – from the Digital Model by Tony Celliers

Digital Artist Tony Celliers is currently working on this digital model in order that it be printed out to become a 1:16 physical model! STUNNING WORK!! This is exciting! Stay Tuned to Modeler Magic f...

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Light Saber – Digital Build by Tony Celliers

This Saber was built with Zbrush and textured and rendered in Modo 601.






Tony Celliers






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War of the Worlds Martian Tripod – Digital Model by Tony Celliers

I am a HUGE fan of the War of the Worlds Story...

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FM Millennium Falcon built by Tony Celliers

Built from the fantastic Fine Molds kit, artist Tony Celliers returns to show us his beautiful build of that kit...

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18 Inch B-Wing Scratch Built by Tony Celliers

This is an artist that does it all! Tony Celliers is a master of CG building as well as scratch building with styrene! This B-Wing is beautiful! At this moment… I truly can come up with nothing else t...

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Colonial Viper MK VII-E CG Build by Tony Celliers

Artist Tony Celliers is back with another beautiful creation! This time… a digital one! The Mk VII-E… the Colonial Viper that made is first appearance with that of the Battlestar Pegasus in the Galact...

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1:22 Mk II Colonial Viper Scratch Built by Tony Celliers

Our final new artist I have the honor of introducing to the Gallery today is Tony Celliers of Dynamic Digital Creations! Not only is Tony an physical scratch build model maker, but he is a CG Digital ...

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