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FOR SALE! From Spacecraft Creation Models – STAR TREK IV: The Voyage Home – Whale Probe!




(Pricing is Subject to Change by Seller)

$550 USD

Plus $49.95 USD Shipping within the USA
–International Shipping Available–

Shipping Amount: $49...

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COMING SOON! NEW from Spacecraft Creation Models (Patterned by Alfred Wong) – Battlestar Galactica – 1/2 Studio Scale (16″) – RISING STAR



1/2 Studio Scale (16″)


(Patterned by Alfred Wong)

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$ TBA $

Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: Half Studio Scale at 16 Inches in ...

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Steven Carricato – 1:1000 Starship Enterprise with K7 for TREKYARDS

Spacecraft Creation Models own Steve Carricato completed the 1:1000 USS Enterprise to go along with the fantastic Deep Soace Station K7 for TREKYARDS! I am sure they are thrilled!

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Spacecraft Creation Models – Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home – Whale Probe – WIP

Artist Steven Carricato is doing wonderful work on this Whale probe from Star Trek 4! Using the Starling Technologies light and sound board, this is sure to turn out magnificent!

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Steve Carricato – 1978 Battelstar Galactica – Colonial Viper

This is one battle-dirty Colonial Viper! I love it! Built by Spacecraft Creation Models… Steve Carricato, this original series (and film) Viper is wonderful, and quite alive with appropriately added l...

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Steve Carricato’s SECOND Round 2 USS Enterprise – Completed for the James Whitman Collection

Artist Steve Carricato finishes the second Round 2 USS Enterprise NCC-1701 for the James Whitman Collection. Wonderful work once again!

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Steve Carricato’s – Larson Designs – Space Academy SEEKER for Mike McCain

I built this commission of the Space Academy Seeker for artist Mike McCain. After receiving some news from Mike via email, he told me he would love to have the Seeker...

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TrekYards – STAR TREK – 1/1000 Deep Space Station K-7 – COMPLETED! UPDATE #3 by Steve Carricato

COMPLETED! Steve Carricato has done wonderful work with the TREKYARDS Deep Space Station K-7 from 1966’s STAR TREK! I love it!

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COMPLETED! 1/350 Round 2 Enterprise 1701 WIP’s by Steve Carricato for the James Whitman Collection

Spacecraft Creation Models’ artist Steve Carricato completes his build of the two Round 2 USS Enterprise models for the James Whitman Collection!


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TrekYards – STAR TREK – 1/1000 Deep Space Station K-7 – WIP UPDATE #2 by Steve Carricato

Artist Steve Carricato continues his progress with TrekYards 1/1000 Deep Space Station K-7! It is nearly ready to come to life!

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