2014 Science Fiction 3D Models Contest!!! from SiFi Rare Replicas

To all the 3D designers and fans of science fiction…


Sifirarereplicas will be soon a new little factory 3D printed models. We have invested in 2 new 3D printers.

Why have we done that investment? It’s simple: to offer our customers new prices which are more affordable then the ones we have today.
And Most important off all, sifirarereplicas wants to be THE science fiction reference without depending on others to print its models.
That means a winning of time and a cost winning of more than 50 % on the models .
All are models will be printed with a perfect precision and a thickness layer of 50 to 20 microns. ( The best in his category )
This is why we launch our first “Science Fiction 3D models Contest ” The theme of the contest is “STAR WARS VII”. Visit our website for rules contest. Thanks to all of you out there. Together we will change the future of science fiction. ”

Lancelot, Danny



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Danny Lancelot



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