“UNDEFEATED!” MaK Diorama by Vince Pedulla

New from ModelerV artist Vince Pedulla show us his fantastic build of this MaK diorama… UNDEFEATED! I love it!




This project began the minute I set eyes on pictures of the then recently issued Hasegawa Ma. K “Grobberhund” kit. It just looked mean, functional, and I admired the model’s menacing mechanical design. To me, it evoked films like Terminator 2 and War of the Worlds. At the time, I was finishing my Ma.K inspired diorama “War Toad” and knew I wanted to create more of these models. My process is simple; if I see a model that inspires an idea, I let it percolate in my mind. Some of these projects fade away and are discarded, but the ones that stick I typically move forward with, even if it’s months or years later!

The scene that kept forming in my head was the Grobberhund standing on some kind of raised surface, stepping on one of the Ma.K Armored Fighting Suits. I wasn’t sure if the suit would be manned, inactive, or just abandoned junk. As the idea continued forming, I decided that I wanted a manned suit, and at first, it would be as if the AFS had been defeated and the Grobberhund was delivering the killing stroke with its arm mounted laser. But I then came up with the theme that, even though the human warrior was down, he was Undefeated! The idea was born and made it way to my modeling desk.

The Hasegawa kit was readily available from Japan and I purchased one at a reasonable price. I was also able to get a kit of the Nitto “Raccoon” model, which was partially assembled, for a bargain price! I initially wanted to the scene to take place in an abandoned building, with the Grobber on a raised concrete floor with a collapsed section, at the bottom of which would lay the AFS. My research led me to pictures of old factories, many in Chernobyl, and I switched the scene to a ruined manufacturing facility. I began by assembling the basic components of the Grobber and the Raccoon and playing with placement of the pair. Both models lent themselves to lighting with LEDS, which I had never done before but thought would really make this project stand out. I picked up several pre-assembled components from Evans Designs, which are ideal for modelers.

Many more details and a complete build story, with in progress pictures, can be seen at https://www.modelerv.com/Undefeated.html


Vince Pedulla

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