KIT ALERT!!! 1:144 (1954) Bell BoMi MX-2276 from Fantastic Plastic

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Bell BoMi MX-2275 3-Stage Skip-Glide Bomber
Producer: Fantastic Plastic Models
Scale: 1:144
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 22
Price: $70
Shipping: $9 USA, $15.75 International
Available: NOW
Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Money Order
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Bell BoMi MX-2275 3-Stage Skip-Glide Bomber Concept. Back before ICBMs, the only way to bomb the godless (as believed during those times) Russians was by intercontinental bomber — or from space! The MX-2276 was Bell Aircraft’s first design for a manned space bomber system: A fly-back carrier plane, a disposable rocket-powered second stage and a cool-as-hell pre-Dyna-Soar “skip-glide” bomber to deliver the goods.

Our 1:144 kit was mastered by Alfred Wong based on original Bell Aircraft documents provided by aerospace historian David Stern. Casting is by Masterpiece Models. Decals are by JBOT.

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