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1:350 Enterprise Refit built by Marc Elkins

Built from the fantastic Polar Lights kit, now re-released under the ROUND 2 Models banner, professional modeler Marc Elkins shows us what a 1701 Refit looks like without lights! Usually we see...

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Studio Scale Prison Barge mastered by Marc Elkins

This beautiful piece from Battlestar Galactica was hand crafted by professional model maker Marc Elkins for the famed collection of Mr Clay Brown. An outstanding piece indeed!



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1:350 K’Tinga built by Marc Elkins

Built from the fantastic 1:350 Sovereign Replicas kit mastered by Richard Long, professional modeler Marc Elkins made this piece into a fine miniature for any collection! His paneling and light...

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6 Foot Star Destroyer AVENGER mastered by Marc Elkins

I have the great honor to introduce yet another fantastic, and professional modeler today… Marc Elkins! I had the please of personally meeting Marc in his hone town of Las Vegas, then viewing h...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale RED 5 X-Wing! Now in the Michael Plante Collection

December 2013

Heavily modified with fantastic lighting and now in the Michael Plante Collection.

Feb 18, 2011

Now in the Collection of Marc Elkins!

Feb 28, 2009

Amazingly built from an original V1 (Ca...

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Kuhn Global Blue Screen – Studio Scale V1 “PYRO” Cylon Raider Replica from the 1978 Series…Battlestar Galactica by R.L. Bleecker – Now in the Marc Elkins Collection

This Version 1 (V1) Cylon Raider Studio Scale replica was masterfully built and painted by R.L. Bleecker in 2006...

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