1:24 Trench Run Diorama by John John Jesse

The final battle toward the end of Star Wars is one that sticks in everyone’s minds. I can’t tell you how many time I role played that seen with my friends after that film was released in 1977. Here fulfilling his dream of having his own Trench Run diorama is artist John John Jesse! This is a beautiful piece utilizing his builds of the NICE-N Model Designs Studio TIE Fighter and Studio Y-Wing kits, as well as the Poseidon Young Studio X-Wing kit! I congratulate John John on successfully making his dream come true!

This is what John John had to say of this piece…

Here is a diorama I’ve spent soooo many months working on,… the Studio Scale Trench Run! Made with Birch Panel for mounting, then painted black with dark walnut stain for sides. With 4 white LEDs mounted on the ground, the tiles came from 3-4 sources as well as a bunch that I scratch built. The base measures about 34 inchess long and 18 inches high.


John John Jesse


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