“Dagobah X-Wing” by Jesse Meyers

As seen at Wonder Fest 2010, this magnificent piece was created for the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back by professional modeler and pattern maker Jesse Meyers! Using a MSLZ22 Models V1 studio scale kit (known as the Captain Cardboard / Atomic City Studio X-Wing kit), master modeler Jesse Meyers really made this piece come to life with the slime, dirt, and vines that covered Luke’s X-wing after crash landing in the “Bog” on Dagobah in the Empire Strikes Back. Even though this X-wing is Red 3, the diorama is sound and beautiful for this scene we all remember! Outstanding work by one of the GK industry’s largest contributors…. Jesse Meyers!

Here are a few words from master modeler Jesse Meyers…

Some rare notable information….  the reason I did Red 3 and not Red 5 was a nod to the fact that it appears that Red 3, not Red 5 was the studio model that was built up to have landing gear attached. If you look at the pictures of Red 3 it has hatches that have been cut and recovered where the gear goes. I could have just done Red 5, as we all know thats Luke’s X-Wing, but I thought it was neat that the model shown in the movie (albeit briefly) was actually the Red 3 Hero.

Jesse Meyers

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