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Ian Lawrence’s REVELL/MONOGRAM 1/72 Babylon 5 STARFURY

Originally shown here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic 11 years ago, back on 1/29/2009, I thought this piece would be great to update to today’s showing standards…

Made from the Revell Monogram Kit, U...

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KIT ALERT!! NEW from CRAGGS Models! 4 Foot! Planet of the Apes – Space Ship/Capsule – ANSA Liberty 1 – 3D Printed from the Mesh by Artist Ian Lawrence



ANSA Liberty 1

Space Ship/Capsule

4 Feet Long!!

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$550 – BASIC RAW KIT – Parts Require Clean-Up (No Decals)

$1,050 – MODEL KIT – Sande...

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24 Inch!! U.F.O. Sky 1 by Ian Lawrence

This was originally shown here on Modeler Magic back on Jan. 28, 2009. Here it is 9 years later and it is still catching my eye… so I thought I would remind everyone of Ian’s excellent work on it...

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Saltire Technologies – STARGATE 1:2500 X-304 Deadalus built by Ian Lawrence

Originally shown here January 25, 2009, this was built from the fantastic kit patterned by Barry Murray (of Saltire Technologies) by UK artist Ian Lawrence. Here is what Ian had to say about it…

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Ian Lawrence’s DeAgostini Studio Scale Millennium Falcon

We have seen the initial Falcon build by Stephen Dymszo for DeAgostini, and this is the first I have personally seen besides Steve’s, even though I know there are probably a few built by now...

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1:32 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea FLYING SUB by Ian Lawrence

Complete with custom photo etching and lighting, UK artist Ian Lawrence made this piece come alive! Beautiful!!








To view more on this BUILD, click the VIEW MORE Button Link below…


To visit the...

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1:1888 BSG-75 by Ian Lawrence

U.K. artist Ian Lawrence has returned with this amazing update to and unique and huge existing build! He is accurizing the BSG-75 to match the ZOIC files! Outstanding!










To view more on this BU...

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1:3700 Battlestar PEGASUS by Ian Lawrence

UK artist Ian Lawrence again comes forward with his fantastic works! This time of the Battlestar Pegasus from the Ron Moore re-imagined series!

To view more of Ian’s work, or this piece…

…Visit his s...

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ALIENS – 1:2400 SULACO by Ian Lawrence

ALIENS is one of the best science fiction films of all time in my humble opinion. The Sulaco is one of those model designs that one either loves, or hates. I for one love it! Shown here today is U.K...

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Dropship & APC built by Ian Lawrence

Professional Modeler Ian Lawrence…....

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