Revell Vipers by Frank Blanton

Artist Frank Blanton returns with these fantastic Viper builds! I love them!

Revel Colonial Viper kits I have built. #23 is a “Tiger Meet” Viper of Lt. Boomer from the Colonial Pilots Gun Competition on and around Aralon. This is a tribute build to Herbert Jefferson Jr. The ship is pre destruction of the 12 Colonies when Boomer was assigned to the Battlestar Acropolis. #23 is a participant serial number added to the craft by Competition staff. The NATO Fighter Gun Competition or Tiger Meet inspired this build. I placed next to a Viper I did two years ago for effect. The metallic paints are Alclad chrome and “hot metal effects” paints.

Thank you,

Frank Blanton
Richmond, Va. U.S.A.IMG_7176-sized

Frank Blanton

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Virginia, USA


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