“Burning Coruscant” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

INSANITY! Even for a Clone! Suddenly finding themselves fighting their own brothers, whom after hearing “Execute Order 66” turned on, and killed their Jedi Masters, this small band of 11 clone Troopers seemed to have missed something! “Order 66?!! What the hell is that?!! Turning on your Jedi Masters is treason… and yet our brothers have all done so! And now they have turned on us as well?!!” Thought Commander Stingray as he and the other 10 Troopers fight for their lives after stealing two ARC-170 fighters as Coruscant burned around them. Jammed into the two ‘acquired’ fighters, and very confused, yet trained to adapt they manage to evade most of their battling clones…. still having to destroy some they new well in order to preserve their own lives. “What the hell happened?!” the Commander thinks again….

Using the photos of master artist Carlos Levischi’s build (SEEN HERE), and a capture from the new Game Trailer “The Old Republic” I was able to create this fictional scene as I saw it in my head.

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