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BATWING by Anthony Santos

Great work by Anthony Santos…. the Batwing!


Anthony Santos

To contact this artist direct, please c...

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Anthony Santos Re-Imagined KYLO REN’s Shuttle

Once again… made of cardboard… this is impressive to my eye.

My reimagined Kylo Ren Shuttle. With folding wings, first time I ever made hinges out of paper...

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Anthony Santos Cardboard Viper Mk II

Very nice! I am especially interested to view that two seat version Anthony is working on. Very interesting indeed!


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First Contact Diorama… from CARDBOARD! by Anthony Santos

The level of crisp detail in all of Anthony’s added layers is amazing! That tiny Akira Class Starship is fantastic too!

My Borg ship From 2008...

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Terminator Endow Skelton Hand by Anthony Santos

CARDBOARD!!! Impressive!

Made of card board and wooden dowels, using my hand as blueprint.


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Anthony Santos’s Cardboard Version of BSG-75

This is beyond cool. I really like what the cardboard artists are creating. This is great work by Anthony!

Anthony Santos

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Custom BATTLESTAR – CARDBOARD Build by Anthony Santos

I am continually impressed with the artists building from cardboard! This one, mostly built from cardboard, is one of them…. from Anthony Santos!





Anthony Santos

To contact this artist direct, pl...

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