KIT ALERT!! Build Your OWN Starship with MODULAR MODELS!

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Who doesn’t want to me able to create their own Starship?! Now MODULAR MODELS has made it possible by making Starship components that can be mixed and matched. Their tag line “The Only Limit is Imagination” really is just that! They even offr several ‘conversion’ parts for available kits! While their site, and the full line what they offer (which can never really be full) is still under construction, this company offers enough now that it is definitely worth checking out if you are a creative modeler!

Here are just a few items they offer…

1/1000 scale starship parts

Primary Hulls

TOS style Masao Class Primary Hull

MSRP $15.00

Part # PT40

The Masao class saucer features a shuttlebay relocated to the top rear of the saucer directly behind the B/C deck. Starfleet deemed this design useful for ship classes that have no secondary hull or a mission specific secondary hull that precludes the inclusion of a shuttlebay.

The conversion kit includes a saucer section with impulse engine, lower sensor dome and shuttlebay recess, a removable shuttlebay hull section, a shuttlecraft and a decal sheet.

Masao class saucer - parts-50

TOS style Transport Hull

MSRP $5.00

Part # PT51

The Transport hull is a small trapezoidal design ideal for light starship designs. Requires bridge dome and sensor dish assembly from a PL/R2 TOS Enterprise kit.

transport hull parts - 25

1/1000 scale starship parts

Nacelles and Pylons

Refit Nacelle, Impulse & Deflector Dish Decals

MSRP – $2.00

Part # PT04, PT05, PT06

These decals allow you to color your Refit nacelle grilles, impulse engines and deflector dish in various color combinations. Each sheet contains your choice of nacelle grille color and all choices of impulse engine and deflector dish color. A clear nacelle grille version is also available which allows you to paint the grilles your own choice of color and use the decals for the black grille pattern.

purple decals watermarked

PT04 – Blue, PT05 – Purple, PT06 – Clear

Pylon Packs

MSRP – $4.00 to $5.00

Part # PT07, PT08, PT09, PT10

TOS style Pylon Packs are available in Thin, Medium and wide widths and offer 3 different pairs of lengths in each pack. A pair of angled ends at each size is included as well. The Tapered pack includes two pairs of pylons, the first pair features a right angle on one edge and a sharp angle on the other while the second pair is tapered equally on both edges. All packs include a decal sheet of grille patterns in an assortment of sizes.

Thin Pylon Pack - 33

Tapered Pylon Pack - 33

As I stated, this is only a sample of what they carry.

There is even more than this is on the site to utilize!!

Here are a few MORE samples…

TOS Short Nacelles

MSRP – $4.00

Part # PT17

TOS Style Short Nacelles are approximately 40% smaller than the standard nacelles, measuring approximately 3″ long compared to 5″ for the standard ones. These are just the nacelle bodies – you need to provide domes, ends and detail parts from a PL/R2 TOS Enterprise kit.

TOS short nacelle product b-25

1/1000 scale starship parts

Weapons, Sensors & Accessories

Lower Sensor Dome

MSRP – $3.00

Part # PT01

This Lower Sensor Dome actually works for multiple scales of kits. For 1/1000 scale ships, you will need to cut a hole in the lower saucer and install the part from the inside. For larger scale ships like 1/650 and 1/537 scale, simply surface mount the entire part to the exterior of the lower saucer.

Lower Sensor Dome

Weapons Pack

MSRP – $1.50

Part # PT02

The TOS style Weapons Pack features two MegaPhasers and one Torpedo Pod. Pack includes two vent type decals and two outlined stripe decals. When combined with the Thin Pylon Pack (see this page), you can create a TOS style “roll bar” similar to the one on the Refit era Miranda class.

Weapons pack - 33

Saucer Mounted Expanded Engineering Section

MSRP – $3.00

Part # PT03

This Saucer Mounted Expanded Engineering Section attaches to the top of the saucer in place of parts 41/42 on your TOS starship. Use it for any starship design that features a minimal, specialized, or even lack of, secondary hull.

engineering part - 33

engineering part 2 - 33

TOS Shuttlecraft four pack

MSRP – $1.50

Part # PT52

Four pack of TOS style shuttlecraft. Use as accessories to any of your TOS era starships.

Shuttle four pack product photo - 25

Dual Turbolift Bridge Dome

MSRP – $1.00

Part # PT53

TOS Production era style Dual Turbolift Bridge Dome. Fits in place of the standard bridge dome included with PL/R2 TOS Enterprise kits.

dual turbolift bridge dome

These parts are fantastic!

Click on the Modular Models banner link below to view MORE,..

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