Buck Rogers RANGER 3 by Chris Rogerson

Here is a fantastic build from U.K. artist Chris Rogerson of the Ranger 3 Shuttle from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century! Built from the TIMESLIP CREATIONS kit, this piece really turned out beautiful!

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This is what Chris has to say…

This RANGER-3 from TIMESLIP is a perfect cast. Great sized kit and very little clean up required.

It was painted in an automotive white because some shots the miniature looked grey and others it looked white ? I went with the latter as in the real shuttle and painted the motors in a gun metal/black mix and picked out the panels along the way. The decals are custom made and although not quite as accurate as the studio miniature in application, I was pleased with the outcome.


Weathered to look 500 years old as in the show with MIG pastels, charcoals and sealed with HUMBROL matt varnish.

Chris Rogerson,

Liverpool, ENGLAND.





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