Batwing Replica by E. James Small

Once again James Small comes forward to show another fantastic build! Fantastic!

Just finished this ol’ puppy off after 22 years! (see attached)


I had already assembled it back then and done most of the work… just needed to be painted and it sat in a box for decades until now, but I wish I’d lit it up with LED’s. Maybe next time. I still have two unbuilt kits!


Replica of a “Meddings Masterpiece” from some of the latter days of miniature and optical VFX, built box stock from the AMT/Ertl kit. No mods whatsoever. Measures 11″ long.


Biggest problem with an all-black model like this is trying to keep dust off it long enough to take a shot! I was partially successful. Lighting something like this for photography is another trick in itself too, which is why I guess the pros got the bux for doing it on film!


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