B-Wing by Kenny Alasandro

I must admit, the B-Wing was a hard design to get used to. That stated, when viewing a magnificent build like this one by artist Kenny Alasandro…. I am reminded why I have grown to love it so much! He has captured the look and dynamics of the heavy fighter/bomber perfectly! A beautiful job! This build makes me yurn for the two 1:24 B-Wing builds that I have coming still from artist R.L. Bleecker…. I can’t wait!

Here is what artist Kenny Alasandro has to say of this piece…

I have to admit I had my doubts about this kit at first but after seeing the final product I think it rocks. It’s a lot of work to get it to this point but the results that can be achieved with it are incredible. The hardest part is dealing with the weight of the piece and building an armature strong enough to endure time and gravity. I used some 1/8″ thick 3/4″ aluminum channel to connect the three main assemblies. I simply drilled a 1″ hole through the three main parts inserted the channel and filled with epoxy. It’s incredibly sturdy and I could not flex the main wing with substantial force. I also used the channel to attach a mounting point as seen in the pics. I tried not to overdue the paint and kept the colors subtle. I’m really happy with it and hope my client it.

Thanks for looking.

Kenny Alasandro

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