AVENTINE – Vesta Class Starship by Mark Rademaker

Introducing the work of artist Mark Rademaker. Already noted for his works for such media as the Star Trek Ships of the Line Calendar, which this Aventine is featured, Modeler Magic is extremely pleased to be able to show Mark’s works. Not only that, but this fantastic design, with Mark’s received permission, is now approved to be produced for a one-off for the Kuhn Global/Modeler Magic Collection for all to view! I know, I know….. How about a kit?!! Well… because of contract this can never be a commercially made piece (as in legally mass produced). At least there will be one! This is one of the most exciting Starship designs I have seen for some time. Mark has done excellent work here! At his given specs, this vessel is as long as the Enterprise 1701-E. Being that we have the 1701-D and 1701-E in 1:650, I will look into doing this that very same scale. However… something is telling me to go twice as large…. possible 1:350! We shall see!


The USS Aventine (Vesta class) is a ship from Trek Literature; it has been featured on some official covers. It also was featured on the Ships of the Line calendar, 2010 and 2013.

An interview about it’s design is published in an issue of ST Magazine.


As for the ship’s specs….

The ship is 685 meters in length and holds about 750 people (out of my head…)

Here is a spec list: https://www.ewe-squad.com/vesta%20class/specs82602rev2.pdf The talk about patterns at the start of that PDF are to be ignored, that never came to fruition as the editors at that moment liked the ship as it was.


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