AMT 2-Tone Screen Test 1/48 TIE Fighter by Nicholas Sagan

This TIE Paint Scheme is so unique with it’s final titled purpose in mind! Looking at this really messes with my eyes! I love this! Artist Nicholas Sagan really did a great job!

So backstory: some time ago I came across these reference photos of some screen testing of different colored TIE Fighters. I love variations on a theme so I was naturally inclined to want to build this one. Now’s the perfect time. From what I gather, ILM was initially thinking that these really would be the color (the full maroon, that is) but after testing how the craft looked during capturing (and with motion blur) it was overwhelmingly evident that the lighter blue/gray would be a better treatment. Thus arrives the TIE’s we know and love. Looking closely at these ILM shots, you can see there is less dark/light gray variation on the maroon side. However, you can make out a panel variation.

Nicholas Sagan








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Nicholas Sagan


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