ALERT!!! VINTAGE Koolshade from the ORIGINAL Star Wars Trilogy – LIMITED SUPPLY

ATTN: Model Builders!

VINTAGE Koolshade

from the

ORIGINAL Star Wars Trilogy

**Limited Availability**


After months of research last year hobbyist Matt Riegel was able to acquire the same Koolshade used by Industrial Light and Magic on the studio TIE Fighter models and craft from the original Star Wars trilogy. The supply sold out quickly to builders who had purchased the famed NICE-N Models Hero TIE Fighter kit. After many months without communication Matt has told me he is now in touch with his former supplier again and the rest of what Koolshade has been uncovered from storage is now up for offer! This offer is an exclusive to all viewers of MMM and will not be found anywhere else!

Matt has informed me this strand of Koolshade used by ILM has not been produced for close to 30 years and is incredibly rare. Made out of tightly interwoven bronze this material is nearly impossible to replicate accurately and contributes a significant amount of weight to a TIE fighter. Below is a comparison to the screen-accurate Koolshade being offered here vs the contemporary version of the shade made today. The vintage screen has nearly 24 louvers per inch while the contemporary shade has 16–Matt has mentioned the difference in person between both is remarkable and that many have been surprised by the difference.

Matt will be collecting e-mails for this second and FINAL run and a 50% deposit will be required before the order with his supplier can be placed for the remaining material.

To be added to the e-mail update list and for answers to any inquiries, Matt should be contacted at

Pricing is roughly $50 per square foot with ~10 square feet required (bare minimum) for a studio scale TIE Fighter. Smaller sections may be available for other projects and custom pre-cut templates for TIE’s will be offered as an option with a service charge of $75 for the 24 pre-cut sections needed for the wings. Template drawings for the TIE wings will also be supplied free of charge by Matt courtesy of vector templates originally drawn by Steve Neisen!

Samples of the vintage shade can be seen below on the original screen-scene studio models. For those hesitating, this will likely be the only time this is ever offered again as this is the last-known remaining supply available, WORLDWIDE!





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