2001 ASO Aries by Katsuya Nishizaka – 西坂 克也

I have the great honor of showing this great update of this fantastic artist talent from Japan… Mr. Nishizaka! When I first viewed his work on this Aries kit (the AJA Models Kit) and then learned Nishizaka was utilizing the amazing book of reference that Adam Johnson released last year, I knew this was going to be something special! You can see for yourself… this build is one for a museum display! It could be filmed with today! Amazing work! I am pleases to be able to show your work here Nishizaka!

I’m Katsuya Nishizaka from Japan. My progress of AJAs Aries model was introduced about two years ago by Adam Johnson. At last, my work is approaching finish. Lower body and passenger cabin is almost finish. Painting is almost finish too. Dome is remaining.

Nishizaka, Katsuya


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