1:72 FAUN SLT-50 Elefant by Sean Brannin

This is another fantastic piece from pro builder Sean Brannin!

Here is what he has to say…

The FAUN is fully finished and mounted on its base with cargo. I felt the Luchs was the best overall for it. Adding the cargo meant making the tie down chains and their attachment points on the trailer. The model was entered in a contest back in may and took first place in its category and best small scale armor. I will admit that the competition was small but the other models there were top notch.

Overall a very fun and enjoyable model to build. References are abundant at www.primeportal.net . Many kudos to Revell Germany for tooling this one up. Lets hope they or Trumpeter do a modern Russian transporter. US and UK transporters would be nice too. The kit is a decent size for 1/72 scale as well . It comes out to an overall length of about 12 inches.

Sean Brannin

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