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Design Concepts:

RE: CGI Model Presentation ~ “The Prime Alternative”

> 1701 Prime Alternative Design Concepts by Rick Carthew
> Designed by Rick Carthew & Ricky Wallace
> CG Models and Images built by Ricky Wallace

Design Concepts:

The original objectives for my TOSE was to keep all of the original proportions and original silhouette of Jeffries’s TOS E in place, (with only one “major” structural change to the silhouette, the pylons and their support attachments and some minor tweaking to the bridge) which is what we have done; and then simply re-skin this ICON.

I began with a straight line forward from the design language of the NX-01, and through the design language of the Kelvin to find “That Place” just prior to the more refined (art deco) language of the TMP Refit — and asked, what ADDITIONAL design elements would need to be infuse into the TOS E to make it fit seamlessly into the architecture of the Star Trek world as we know it today?

< Three examples below >

> Given the NX01 has Saucer bands, hull plating, docking ports, visible hatches, RCS thrusters and phaser arrays, as does the 23rd century Kelvin and TMP Refit — These design elements were incorporated into the Classic TOS E Saucer Shape of my model; as well as throughout the entire ship.

> The deflector dish of the NX01 has the same TOS E deflector (radar) dish, but it has been squeezed on the ” Y ” access and then position closer to the deflector housing and back illuminated with blue lights. The TMP E has a complete redesigned dish which has been position within the deflector housing of the secondary hull and is illuminated with two different power setting reflected by an Amber/Gold light setting and a Blue light setting. My Deflector Dish, with backlit array of 3 gold & blue illuminated rings, attempts to strike a balance between the NX01 deflector and the TMP deflector— while still maintaining the original TOS architecture.

> Looking at the design shape of the NX01’s four impulse drive ports and the size/scale of the Kelvin’s impulse drive ports, and then looking at the shape of the TOS E “impulse drive housing”, it seemed to be a perfect fit, to insert the design shape of the four NX01 impulse drive ports into Jefferies elegant TOS E’s impulse drive housing; and then we increased the overall size of the TOS impulse drive housing by about 12%.

The end results created (for me) a look that is more consistent with a progression from the NX01— with a scale closer to the Kelvin’s and a possible predecessor to the shape and enlarged scale of theTMP Refit impulse drive ports.
-detail of NX01 impulse drive ports > https://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070318225144/memoryalpha/en/images/c/c8/NX_impulse_engines.jpg

We were moving through this design thesis when I realized that instead of just making an upgraded, or a refit forth season” type” version of the TOS E. I would take the re-skinning full circle and build the Enterprise that I (and maybe a few other “old” hard-core TOS trek fans) might have liked to see in the re-boot of the franchise in 09′.

Full Circle:
So, I took my design concept one final step further and asked, since the TOS E and the TMP Refit were the bases for the design of the JJprise and the Kelvin — Why not also borrow some of the design cues from the Kelvin, the JJprise and a bit more from theTMPE and infused them onto Matt Jefferies original TOS E design architecture.

Four examples of design cues borrowed:

> My clear Nacelle Domes and Exposed Rotating Fan Blades and other mechanics behind the domes; which I believe help to bolster her sense of scale, were inspired by > https://thevirtuousrepublic.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/new-e.jpg

> The upgrade to my Aft Nacelles; the deep hooded shape and the circle of white lights surrounding a highly-reflective (dark silver-graphite, almost mirror finish) but transparent spheres, were inspired by the Aft Nacelle images of:

ST:09 Kelvin Shuttle here > https://movies.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/xihd/trekxihd0092.jpg:
ST:09’s Enterprise shuttle > https://movies.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/xihd/trekxihd0972.jpg
ST:09 JJprise, here > https://movies.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/xihd/trekxihd2374.jpg

… And even inspired by the lighting FX here > SW: Naboo Cruiser Aft Nacelles: (may have to cut and paste links into browser to view)
here https://wallpoper.com/images/00/29/12/40/star-wars_00291240.jpg

> My Shuttle Bay’s aft Lighting FX was inspired by both the Kelvin and JJprise
Kelvin Shuttle Bay Lights > https://movies.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/xihd/trekxihd0081.jpg
JJprise Shuttle Bay Lights > https://movies.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/xihd/trekxihd0986.jpg

> The Gold lighting FX inside my Nacelle Domes was inspired by Ryan Church’s rendering of the New Enterprise
here > https://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa81/knedopak/Outta%20this%20world/2a_USS_enterprise_ryan-church.png

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