1:350 Battleship Musashi by Erick Navas of I.P.M.SOL

Once again… from the amazing military modeling group I.P.M.SOL on Facebook, we have another great piece from a fantastic artist… from Perú… Mr. Erick Navas! This piece is absolutely beautiful and meticulous in detailing! I look forward to showing more of this artist’s works!

Here is a little information of this piece from Erick Navas…

Erick Navas- Perú
Acorazado Musashi
Escala 1:350 Tamiya (Photo etched y tripulacion adicionales)
Armada Imperial Japonesa de la 2da Guerra Mundial, gemelo del Yamato. 263 mts de largo y 78,000 toneladas de peso. Era el acorazado con mayor potencia de fuego y blindaje. Fue hundido por mas de 250 aviones norteamericanos encajando varias bombas y torpedos.

Erick Navas-Peru
Battleship Musashi
Tamiya 1:350 scale (Photo etched and additional crew)
Imperial Japanese Navy in World War 2, Twin Yamato. 263 meters long and weighing 78,000 tons. The battleship was more firepower and armor. It was sunk by American planes over 250 fitting several bombs and torpedoes.

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