1:32 Service Command Module by Steve Carricato for the Curtis Hughes Collection

I love real space model builds… especially that of the Apollo missions! Here is a beautiful build of a specialized Revell kit that Steve Carricato did for the Curtis Hughes Collection. I love this stuff!

DY-100b DSV 008

I finished the 1/32 scale Service Command Module for Curtis Hughes. The Model is the Revell model kit with added photo- ected dash boards and control, along with three 1/32 scale resin Astronauts.  I added foil and wires to the detailed Module. The Astronauts I sent out to friend to be painted. Curtis wanted his model to be accurate like the real one!  The whole commission build took 11 months, 3 weeks to complete ! Hope you like it?

Thanks Steven Carricato

SCMs carrisj63q.com

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