1:3 Nydenion SYCON Space Fighter built by Hank Rozema

From the fantastic German Sci Fi Film NYDENION (by Jack Moik and Magna Mana Productions), one of the professional modelers utilized for that film (Hank Rozema) built a 1:3 version of the Fighter to be shown at the premier as a promotional prop! This piece is magnificent and very much look as aggressive as I believe it will be used in Nydenion! Hank did a fantastic job producing this huge piece! Thank you to Hank, Jack and Magna Mana Productions for allowing this fantastic piece to be shown on Modeler’s Miniature’s and Magic!

This is what Hank has to say…

Hi Kurt,

Today a good friend of mine finally got around to sending me some photo’s of the model in Frankfurt.

The Sycon mega model (Nydenion). Scale 1:3!

The build-up started in August 2010. The base was made from trespa, this give’s the model it’s strength when it stands up right. The turrets are not detachable; the weight of the turrets would make the base weak so I used a lot of polyester fiber glass to strengthen the connections. The rest of the panels are made from thick plate’s PS, together with light weight styrosun. Once the hull was ready I started on the long job of detailing. I knew this would take most of the time together with the cockpit. During February the model was completed, it was now up to spray painting the model and decal making. I am happy with the result and I am glad Jack Moik liked the model. I made it for promotional use, and during the Lichter Film Festival (in Frankfurt) it stood in front of the Metropolis theatre.

Total length: 3.3 m. Width: 2.5 m. Height: 1.25 m. On stand: 4.1 m. weight: 90 kg.


Hank Rozema

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