1:25 “The Dark Knight” Bat Pod by Brett Burke

Artist Brett Burke has returned with this fantastic build of the Moebius Kit; Bat Pod from the Dark Knight film! I especially love the base!

Here is the recently released Moebius 1:25 scale Bat-Pod from ‘The Dark Knight’ that I have just completed. It’s a pretty simple and straight forward build but also kind of fun in the process as you can actually understand its layout and functions. I painted it using airbrush with acrylics. I added some detail to it as well, some weathering here and there. The base is custom painted by myself. I highly recommend this kit to anyone whose a fan of Batman or ‘The Dark Knight’ in general.

Thank you,

Brett Burke

Moebius Bat-Pod 006

Moebius Bat-Pod 007

Moebius Bat-Pod 008

Moebius Bat-Pod 009

Moebius Bat-Pod 010

Moebius Bat-Pod 011






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