1:144 DKM U-201 Sub by Erick Navas

This beautiful build was done my world class modeler Erick Navas! I never get over how fantastic Erick’s realism is to the piece. His attention to the finest details is very impressive! Beautiful Work!

Here are a few words from Erick…

El Tipo VII era un submarino monocasco, con el casco exterior conformado por los compartimentos de presión; la diferencia con los modelos iniciales consistía en que los tanques de combustible estaban instalados dentro del casco a presión con lo cual se daba una protección adicional al mismo.


The submarine Type VII was a monocoque, with the outer hull compartments formed by the pressure, the difference with early models was that the fuel tanks were installed inside the pressure hull thereby giving additional protection for the same

Erick Navas

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