1:1 Millennium Falcon Cockpit – WIP for Chris Lee by Greg Dietrich

This project ROCKS!! Thank goodness for all you amazing artists involved in this Chris Lee Project!!

I have to say… when Modeler Magic first came online, the idea was to also create a physical gallery that all could enjoy. This is to include full sized props of the fighters for people to sit in and have their photos taken. One of these is going to be the full sized Millennium Falcon sitting in the Death Star bay that people can walk through! Sure enough… last year some great artists began working on their own 1:1 Millennium Falcon with artist Chris Lee at the helm! They beat us to the punch and will be the very first to accomplish this great goal! You cannot stop great artists doing great artworks! These artists have allowed us to show their wonderful progress and Modeler Magic stands to applaud their efforts! How exciting this is! With their permission, we may just have to utilize theirs for the Modeler Magic display when the time comes. After all… showing the works of great artists is what we are all about! So this will be perfect if it can be made so.

Showing today is part of that progress… by artist Greg Dietrich… the MF Cockpit! FULL SIZED!! I love the attention to detail Greg has applied to this piece! What can I say except… OUTSTANDING WORK!!

Just wanted to give you an update to the Millennium Falcon cockpit build. If you didn’t know, I’m part of the build team over at FullScaleFalcon.com. This cockpit, once finished, will be used to help promote the build of Chris Lee’s 1:1 scale MF! Yup… a full scale MF for all of us to enjoy!

Enjoy the photos!

Greg Dietrich



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