“Advanced Sci-Fi Vehicle Model Making” all day class at Jerseyfest Academy


The above model was beautifully built by artist Jason Eaton!

There is still time to register for the “Advanced Sci-Fi Vehicle Model Making” all day class at Jerseyfest Academy on September 13th. Here is some more info on what will be covered, plus how to register:

Jason Eaton
“I plan to go over the ideas and solutions to lighting or adding a little dynamic motion to models. I’ll show examples with lights in engines, cockpits, and navigation lighting. The Blade Runner Blimp was a much more intensive lighting and video challenge, so I’ll show how that was accomplished, what hurdles were encountered along the way, and how you can use third party vendors to get what you need, if your skill set doesn’t get you to where you want to go. I’ll also show the new solutions I’ve come up with for a model I’m building right now, that features motion, lights, and sounds – all controlled by modified custom programmed Radio Control equipment. I’ll have a Powerpoint presentation to show, and I’ll have a few electronic boards on hand to show what they do.”

Mike Salzo
Subjects include:
Best tools for trimming and clean up.
Cleaning your parts
Choosing the best adhesive for the job.
Sanding parts
Types of filler.
Reinforcing parts
Seam clean up.
Installing armatures
Enhancing kits.
Planning the build, making the most of your time.
Painting plan, making the most of downtime.
Adding hardware, screws, nuts and bolts.
Hollowing resin for lights.
Choosing a stand
General tips and tricks
Q and A session.

Kevin Derken
Advanced lacquer painting techniques on a vehicle using Japanese methods and aesthetics typically associated with Maschinen Krieger.

Paul Bodensiek (owner of ParaGrafix Modeling Systems)
You’ll get to learn great ways to use and apply phototetching by a true expert. See him do it right in front of you so you can pick up the nuances and ask all the questions you like.

This is the last opportunity to sign up for a vendor table at the “Jerseyfest Model Kit & Statue Fair” vendor show (Saturday Sept. 14th to Sunday the 15th). We have sold about 100 tables and have VERY few remaining. Please contact us ASAP if interested.


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